Intern Work Order Kitting

The person hired for this internship position will continue a work-order kitting project in manufacturing engineering that aims to enhance the material delivery process. This process involves material being delivered to the shop floor where it is completed using a kitting feature containing all necessary material for a specific production order. This project has been implemented in one work cell; the new intern will be responsible for implementing it in others. Specific tasks include gathering data about assemblies, productions times, logistic times, material staging, and material handling as well as analyzing and preparing data. The person in this position will also convert findings into savings, verify information with internal departments and key employees, prepare reports, and present results to management. In addition, he or she will procure supplies needed for the project using SAP purchase requisitions as well as implement and train operators on the use of the new process. If you have interest in being considered for this job please apply. HOERBIGER is an equal opportunity employer and maintains a drug-free workplace ? preemployment testing is required.
Working off of a continuation project from the previous Intern within manufacturing engineering, the individual's role will be to continue with the open project for production work order kitting. This project will enhance how the material is delivered to the shop floor which would be completed via a 'kitting' feature. The kit would have all of the necessary material within it for a specific production order. This will reduce and/or eliminate the amount of time the operator must look for the material within their work cell from the logistics team. Current status of this project is that it is being implemented in one work cell. The new individual will be responsible for continuing this concept into other work cells.
Gather data about assemblies, productions times, logistic times, material staging and handling, and more
b) Data analysis and preparation
c) Convert data and findings into understandable savings
d) Verify information with different internal departments and key employees
e) Prepare reports and present results to management
f) Procure any necessary supplies (bins, etc.) for the project via SAP purchase requisitions
g) Implement and train operators on the use of the new process
Education: Pursuing a degree in Business, Industrial Management, Industrial Engineering or similar
Experience: 0-3 years

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